Sintan Kimya is one of the main synthetic tanning chemical producers in the world and only one in Turkey. By the cooperation of Kromsan (Sisecam) and Cromital SpA, Sintan Kimya opened its doors in 2006 to become one of the leading player of syntan producers worldwide and offer worldclass customer experience with high quality syntans with Italian knowhow.

High technology production plant designed to allow Sintan Kimya becoming one of the leading producers in the world.

 Sintan, a dynamic company that is still growing throughout the world and bringing solutions  to tanneries with consistent high quality synthetic tanning chemicals produced at its latest technology production plant located in Izmir, Turkey.

 Management of the company have been involved in leather business over 30 years with entrepreneurial spirit, worldwide experience, supplying to global brands and passion for success. Although, we are not a company owned by a family but we created the family soul among our employees and stakeholders whom we create win-win partnerships from other continents.

Ambitious and dynamic team of Sintan Kimya focuses on customer satisfaction as first priority which is followed by innovation and sustainability.

We are, as comparatively small but growing enterprise, at the very beginning of our exciting journey, to bring “Solution” for our customers and  offer them competitive advantage via our chemicals with better price/performance ratio. People on earth, each of us connected to the other one. Sustainable growth happens slowly but safely, like a butterfly effect.

 We put our core values at the center of the business  which are integrity, triple bottom line philosophy and long-term focus as energetic yet accountable company.