Turonyl SPN 80

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Core Points : Soft, full, silky/wet touch, spongy texture and light specific weight

Product Description : Modified vegetable oils in emulsion


Appearance : Ocre paste
Total Solid (%) : 55 % ± 2
pH (1:10) : 6,0 – 7,0
Charge : Anionic
Light fastness : 5 ( ISO 105 B02 / GRADE 5 – IN WB - WITHOUT RETANNING)


Soft, penetrative, high lubricating fatliquor. On skins it is good for all garments. In the fatli- quoring of bovine is suggested for fine upholstery, garment, all softy, floater and nappa. Classical egg yolk substitute in glove production.


Pleasant, silky/waxy, slightly wet touch – full spongy handle – reasonably light specific weight in treated material – it gives good softness – ıvory colour on pure-chrome leathers – good no weakened dyeing – wet toggle articles are even milled grained – buffed naps are very rich but no sticky – its surface presence doesn’t affect finishing adhesion.

Recommended usage of TURONYL SPN 80 :

  • In neutralization            :  2 – 4 % on shaved weight
  • Main fatliquor    :  4 – 8 % on shaved weight
Packaging : 125 Kg. PE Open head Drums
Storage . : At least one year when stored properly according to international industrial norms and practice between 5° - 50°C original sealed packing. After opening the package, product must be con- sumed in a short period of time and preserved in- side its original packing until it is finished. It is fluid until 10°C, If affected by frost the product should be warmed to a temperature of +15°C to +25°C then stirred thoroughly
Safety Measures : Please revert to relevant Safety Data Sheet.