Turacryl A 600

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Core Points : Water based retanning and softening polymer with functional reactive groups.

Product Description : Water based fatty polymer.


Appearance : White cream liquid
Total Solid (%) : % 35 – 37
pH (1:10) : 4,5 – 5,5
Light fastness : Excellent


Turacryl A 600 acts as a retanning and softening agent at the same time. Thanks to its softening power, usage of Turacryl A 600 allows to reduce the amount of fatliquors. Turacryl A 600 applied during or after neutralization gives the leather a silky gummy touch with a certain water, and oil resistance. These effects can be enhanced when Turacryl A 600 is used in combination with waterproof fatliquors and/or finally capped with metal ions. Turacryl A 600 functionally reacts with collagen and is no extractable thus is used for washable garments and sport shoe leathers. Turacryl A 600 as fatli- quoring component improves fullness of the leather and the tightness of the grain. The product has to be diluted with warm water before  use.

Recommended usage of Turacryl A 600 :

  • Re-tanning: 2 – 8 % on shaved weight
Packaging : 100 Kg. PE Openhead Drums
Storage : At least one year when stored properly according to international industrial norms and practice between 5° - 50°C original sealed packing. After opening the package, product must be con- sumed in a short period of time and preserved in- side its original packing until it is finished.
Safety Measures : Please revert to relevant Safety Data Sheet.