Turtan X 400

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Core Points : Diphenil sulphone based syntan with pronounced astringency and strong filling character.

Product Description : Diphenil sulphone derivatives

- Shrunken grain : 8 – 15 % (+ 2 – 3% Formic/Oxalic Acid)
- Vegetable re-tanning : 4 – 8 % on shaved weight
- Re-tanning : 5 – 15 % on shaved weight


Appearance : Beige to Light Brown Powder
Total Solid (%) : min. 95
pH (1:10) : 2,5 – 3,5
Light fastness : Fairly Good


Turtan X 400 is a replacement syntan developed to produce tanning action with high filling effects on leathers similar to catechinich derivatives but resulting in off-white pigmented leather with good light-fastness. Turtan X 400 applied on un-pickled pelt is capable to produce shrunken effect with shrink patterns of good uniformity. This effect can be varied from a fine pattern through to a medium/large millkorn depending on the syntan quanti- ty, pelt thickness, drum velocity and pH. To direct the effect, usage of added formic/oxalic acid is recommended. Due to its bleaching and dispersing effect toward vegetable extracts, Turtan X 400 is recommended as pre-tanning and retanning agent for vegetable tanned leathers where it promotes fast dispersion and penetration and a good tan color with a tight, full feel.

Recommended usage of Turtan X 400 :

Packaging : 20 Kg. Kraft Bags
Storage : At least one year when stored properly according to international industrial norms and practice between 5° - 50°C original sealed packing. After opening the package, product must be con- sumed in a short period of time and preserved in- side its original packing until it is finished.
Safety Measures : This product is dangerous if inhaled. Please revert to relevant Safety Data Sheet.