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Sintan Kimya offers a complete line of products for the re-tanning phase of leather making. An important part is the fatliquoring. Together with its European partners a new series of fatliquor products were developed as an answer to the market demand for high quality products.
Often the fatliquor part creates leathers which are more lose then intended. This is (mostly) because the products used are sulphited too strong and raw materials of a lower quality are chosen due to the ever present pressure to reduce the prices. But finally it is true that “quality pays”!
Within this quality aspect Sintan Kimya embarked on a R&D project to put 6 high quality items in the market.
- Kimoil B/RN: an emulsion based fatliquor for very soft nappa and upholstery items. Used in the so called “China Nappa” leathers
- Kimoil B/TS: a partly sulphited natural product with synthetic sulpho esters and additives which is the main component of soft garment leather without the problems of weight and smell.
- Turonyl B/GH: a selected mixture of softeners and lubrificating agents which are very important as penetrator and (pre) softeners during the buildup of the desired leather article. It does not create looseness at all but gives a high level of inner softness.
- Turonyl B/LW: a softening agent which improves the tear strength of the leathers and based on fatty alcohol derivatives. It shows a high level of penetration for the fatliquor mix in which it is used and softens throughout without overloading the grain.
- Kimoil B/LO: a liquid, high concentrated, phospholipide based fatliquor. When preparing the emulsion it becomes a paste. Application is in (sheep) nappa leathers destined for garments. Important to note is the absence of any smell. To be used in combination with other members of the “B – series”.
- Turonyl B/GS: based on alkyl sulphates and high molecular hydro carbons and full synthetic. Disperses natural fats evenly over the leather. Shows a very even dry mill pattern. Leaves a very pleasant touch to the leathers and is used for very soft items.

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